About us

Freddie’s Sunshine has been set up in memory of Freddie George Beaumont, an absolute sunshine of a human that was taken too soon.

Freddie passed away very suddenly on 22nd November 2022, just 3 weeks after his 1st birthday. After having a high temperature at nursery and what was suspected by doctors to be bronchiolitis a couple of days earlier, he then passed away very suddenly whilst his mummy was trying desperately to give him CPR. It turns out that Freddie had Strep A and an empyema on his lung.

Freddie’s death was a huge shock to his parents, Aimee & Mark, and brought their whole worlds crashing down around them.

Although supported by the NHS bereavement team in Salford Hospital on the days following Freddie passing, Aimee and Mark felt completely lost having to leave the hospital without their precious little boy, and have to accept a new life without him living. They struggled to return to the house without Freddie, and so bounced around parents house and log cabins to avoid returning home. They even used their honeymoon funds to disappear to Australia for 3 weeks!

This made it evident that there needed to be something or somewhere for families to go to experience their grief with other people who understand. This is where the idea of Freddie’s Sunshine came to life.

At Freddie’s Sunshine we aim to provide that space for respite for families following the bereavement of a child. We want to be a sanctuary where families can remember their loved one in peace, meet other people going through what they are and get support from people who understand the pain of their loss.