Freddie George Beaumont

Freddie was born on 31st October 2021, 10 days later than his due date! A dramatic entrance to the world but he was so loved instantly.

He brought endless joy to everyone he was around, he learned to smile early on and he never stopped.

Freddie loved the family dog Winston straight away, crawling along with him and (very heavy handedly) stroking him constantly.

He loved attending baby massage classes with his mummy, always beginning the class filling his nappy and finishing the class fast asleep!

Not so sure on his swimming lessons as he didn’t like the water going over his face, but the moment Freddie was encouraged to splash you couldn’t stop him!

At 6 months old Freddie started attending nursery which he absolutely loved, and they absolutely loved him back!! He loved his days there, and as you’ll see from the pictures he did a brilliant job of making a mess!

A favourite activity of Freddie’s when he got home was to pull every toy and book off his shelves, watch mummy put them back and then pull them right back off again! He loved his books and every night ended with a story before bed.

Freddie took his first steps just after his first birthday, and was so proud of himself.
He truly was a sunshine boy, there’s no one he couldn’t make smile and loved to stick his tongue out at people whilst mummy and daddy weren’t looking.

Enjoy some pictures of Freddie, they’re guaranteed to make you smile!

“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine”